About Us

Vihama Energy Company Limited is a privately owned Ghanaian Company mandated by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to operate as a Bulk Distribution Company (BDC) in Ghana.  The core function of a BDC is importation and distribution of petroleum products and crude oil into Ghana or re-exporting through formal structures to neighboring countries. The main clients of the BDCs are the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) who are primarily engaged in the operations of the filling stations, refineries and Volta River Authority. Vihama is also licensed to export petroleum products.

Vihama trades in gasoil, gasoline, jet fuel, marine gasoil, mining gas oil, cracked fuel oil, Premix fuel, light gasoline, crude oil among others. Domestic demand per month for gasoil and gasoline is approximately 135,000 m3 and 95,000 m3 respectively.  Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) supplies about 45% of this total demand through its crude oil refining process. The balance is supplied through imports by the BDCs.

Vihama proceeded to operate in its own capacity in March 2011.

Core Values: Integrity, Reliability, Innovation and Efficiency.

Mission: To guarantee the reliable supply of petroleum products and services through innovative and efficient practices, to create value for our stakeholders.

Vision: Be a leader in the provision of cutting edge solutions in the energy sector.